Basic Training Army Monthly Subscription

$100.00 : includes $50 Enlistment Fee and $50 first month. You will be invoiced $50 monthly for remainder.

Basic Training Army Monthly Subscription



$50 enlisting Fee
$50 per month for one year
Intensive Helpmeet Mentoring and Training
At least 2 Webinars per month on topics to sharpen your many spiritual weapons as a Helpmeet SUITable!
Trainings are designed for you to fully utilize and understand your God given “Unique Set of Skills”
Priority Scheduling Opportunities for limited one on one Counseling Appointments with Yvette Benton MA-Counseling ($50/session) *not required
Training in Marriage Development, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance and Healing, Finance, Prophetic Activations, Angel Army Assistance, Studying to Show Yourself Approved, Health/Wellness and more, as a lifestyle. (Trainings will be conducted by Yvette Benton as well as other selected Helpmeets with Specialized Training and Gifts)
Closed Facebook Group Page which will have teaching information, posts and “impromptu” Live broadcasts not available to others
Book Studies/Assignments to develop biblical and spiritual maturity
Opportunities to Serve at GYM ministry events (as approved)
Prayer Partners with like-minded Helpmeets for strength and accountability!


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